Not everything is Fashion, Tattoos and Surf. VIENTO collaborates with humanitarian aid companies in India and Indonesia.

In Pushkar (India), there is a small school for girls, where classes are given completely free, so that the girls have a better future to the poverty that has imposed them.

As you know, in this country there is a great inequality between men and women.
Women are the most disadvantaged, and are sometimes forced to marry at a very early age.
In exchange for attending our school, we force parents not to marry their girls before the age of 10, thus prolonging a happier childhood and providing a better future.

In addition to the classes, this association collaborates with tasks of feeding and help of all kinds.


But our big project is HARAPAN, on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. Our aim is to provide education to the most underprivileged children, but also to provide food, clothing and help; in addition to financing for medicines, hospitals...

The families of this region live in cabins without water, electricity or any kind of comfort.
They survive by collecting seaweed for large cosmetics companies, with an average salary of about $20 a month.


The lack of money leads to a lack of food and hygiene. This situation causes severe infections and malformations, sometimes amputations.
In addition natural disasters seem to hit this island again and again over the years.

We are proud to say that we have saved the lives of many children and adults in one of the poorest regions of Indonesia. Thanks to our committed team, and also thanks to numerous selfless donations from many people who want to help us in our struggle for a better world.

All help knows little by little, so if you want to support us in the fight against inequality and poverty, here are some links to collaborate :)

Because you only live once, make it count!



In VIENTO we believe that things can change. and we know that there are also many problems nearby!
And it is for this reason that we give service for labour and social integration, collaborating with non-profit companies such as Femarec and foment-Formació.
Work Coaching, helps people at risk of social exclusion and disabled people.
If we all change little things around us, in the end we will achieve Big Changes at a Global level ;)


Viento Also cares about the environment, that's why all our inks are ecological, water based, and all our packaging is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials We manufacture most of our products in Spain and Italy, and what we do outside, we make sure, that the workers have good working conditions.

We also collaborate with "Protección de bosques, Madre de Dios, Peru"; to protect a part of the Amazon that is under threat.